The online world can get lonely, believe me, I know. I have been in this game for 15 years and there are times where depression hits and it hits hard.

I try to create a community and make sure that I have a circle of friends where ever I am in the world. This way I always have someone to talk to. Being such an extrovert, not talking or expressing myself is out of my norm and my mind just gets low.

This is why I created ADvengers Slack chat because I want to interact more with online marketers. I also want to interact with curated online marketers as well. Meaning people that have been doing online for a while or are dedicated to online marketing.

With the start of this Slack group, it has grown pretty fast and I want to make sure that the group is constantly chatting with everyone whether it be just ads or they just need to let off some steam.

We already have several channels dedicated to Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Push traffic, etc. I am adding more channels week by week depending on the needs of the community.

The community is the heart of any intentions. It allows you to just express yourself and seek help whether it is with ads or just about new algos coming up.

I want you to understand that depression is real and it is a pain. I spoke to a buddy out here in Vietnam and helped me with some of the mental issues I have when I lose cash.

You can read about it here.

Here is a great post I made on my IG

So it comes to a point where you need that community aspect of the online world. We are here sitting in front of the computer typing away and overthinking our own process.

In 2010, I even wrote a post about how working for yourself is overrated. I miss the interactions and the gossips of the workplace. This is the reason for a chat group where there is instant satisfaction to your campaigns and about life.

I hope the Slack group is a way for marketers to go ahead and chat with each other about life and succeed in their campaigns. I also talked about this in my new podcast ADvengers Podcast.

I just wanted to chat about something about Charles Ngo’s post about leaving the affiliate marketing space. Then the topic just went into the world of guru busting, then into a telegram chat me and Attila made.