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4 Part Video Series Towards Online Success

Learn the secrets to building and running an affiliate empire.  This video training covers everything you need to know to build affiliate campaigns that turn clicks into buyers, meaning dollars in your pocket.

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Video 1

Step 1

An introduction to what is affiliate marketing and why Ian believes affiliate marketing should be the foundation of any online marketer.

VIdeo 2

Step 1

Spy on profitable ads with extensive data to use. Start manipulating the data and create a profitable campaign from the start. 

More Videos...

Step 1

I invite others to speak about tracking and buying traffic on specific sources. The important video is on optimizing, the heart of a campaign.

Ian fernando has been a featured international speaker around the world

About Ian Fernando

Old school Affiliate Marketer

Ian has been an affiliate for over 15 years. Creating affiliate campaigns when Google was the only source of traffic. His focus on conversion means he's not just another online marketer - he knows the difference between a "pretty ad" versus a site that's optimized for leads and sales. A data freak if you put it truthfully.

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