The purpose of this blog series is to give you a qualitative comparison of three of the best affiliate tracking software out there. There is a lot on the market currently. I have used most of the popular ones and every tracking platform has its ups and downs.

But before we get into that, we just want to get a bit technical and definitive with the terms affiliate trackers vs click tracking.

What Is Click Tracking?

Let’s say that you were to build a page, perhaps publish a form, or even send a newsletter. As soon as they are out, one way for you to measure the efficacy of your project is to look at how many people interacted with your material.

The most common type of interaction or taking of action would be to click on the item on the page. An example of software would be Lucky Orange, a heatmap click tracker.

This is where click tracking comes in which is basically about tracking the number of clicks a particular material on a page gets. Apart from determining which materials people interact best with, it also identifies which ones aren’t performing as well. 

Click tracking gives you an idea of whether or not you are successfully providing value to your users. The more your service or product is valuable, the more your business will grow and thrive.

So here’s an interesting question: how does one conduct click tracking anyway? Fortunately, this isn’t something that you can do manually (because it would be a taxing and time-consuming process). 

When we talk about click tracking, we usually pertain to an analytics tool that is designed to track and report which parts of a website or landing page people click on. 

Here is an image of a newsletter for ADvengers and this is what click tracking can look like.

As you can see, people were more interested in the case study.

What Is Affiliate Click Tracking?

Affiliate tracking pertains to one’s means to manage and track all AD SPECIFIC click tracking activities. Since we are spending money on ads, we want to make sure we focus on the conversion flow or funnel rather than a whole website click analytics.

This is usually conducted through a plugin installed on an affiliate website or through the use of special software. In this blog comparison series, we will be dealing with software.

So you might be wondering: what’s the difference between affiliate tracking and click tracking? Data and Conversions per Click.

Provided by AnyTrack

Click tracking goes specific to measuring clicks alone whereas affiliate tracking focuses on the overall performance of your ads. You get to dig deep into the analytics part of a specific campaign and its click flow.

An affiliate tracking software would include clicking tracking but it also comes with other essential data (such as insights or statistics of how much of those clicks actually led to conversion). 

You will be able to work backward from a click, rather than a website as a whole. For example, from 1 click you can figure out what traffic source it came from, what city the click was in, what specific device (OS, Device Type, Version), how long it took to convert, what source it came from, what the estimate CPC was on that click.

Affiliate click tracking is essential for media buyers because it allows you to understand what a specific click is. This then gives you the information to optimize by filtering out unwanted variables and sources from traffic networks.

Are Click Tracking And Affiliate Tracking The Same?

The simple answer is no. 

As mentioned, a lot of affiliate trackers include click tracking data but you wouldn’t know where that information is coming from. Many times, it is software is used for the optimization of email marketing or certain web pages (non-ad related operations). 

In this blog series, when you encounter the term “click tracking”, know that it’s used in relation to its application in affiliate trackers. Remember this is all related to ad buying and tracking how much each click cost to a proper ROI.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of those topics, we can now proceed to our first set of affiliate tracker to review which is BeMob