I have decided to start a live community-driven affiliate campaign with the members of ADvengers. The reason for this is to see if a group of people can help make a campaign profitable.

So I created a survey and asked the community to see what I should do with the basics of a campaign. The creative, the ad copy, the headline, etc.

I have already set the offer and the lander. It is then added to the traffic source, in this case, ZeroPark push network.

The offer we are starting with is a Keto offer and with the default pre-lander of the affiliate network. We are NOT going to be doing an aggressive lander as it isn’t allowed on the network side of things.

So let see what the ADvengers community decided to go with, we are going to look at the survey results and see what everyone wanted in the first ad campaign.

As you can see there is a mix of what should be the ad context from ad creative to the copy. There are obviously ones that look like winners but it does seem very close. Not one creative style won.

So you can tell that our community is a mix and can assume that we are either starting out vs ones that are experienced. In either case, the ADvengers members are all about showing our own skillset and participating in the survey to see what ad variation can work.

We have a really good community and interactive community. They all chose what they wanted to see in the first set of the campaign. With creatives being so close to each other, I decided to utilize the top 2 and rotate them in ZeroPark’s campaign.

A lot of the members wanted to see the landing page, which was posted in our email for members to see. Again, this is not going to be an aggressive promotion. It will be done with a white hat strategy.

I have set up the basic campaign in Voluum as well with it making sure it goes to a US IP address. With that said, I went ahead and make sure to add Monetizer to non-US clicks just to see if I can earn a couple of cents on wasted clicks.

We also targeted both desktop and mobile devices. We are doing this campaign in bulk as that is what the users have decided to do, they voted almost 60% test the traffic on both mobile and desktop.

So I have set up the offer and the campaign on Voluum and on ZeroPark. Here are the ads on ZeroPark base on the survey above.

I started with just 2 because it was the top 2 ads that received the most votes. I can just utilize more ads but the community spoke and 2 of them won. I may add the others in to see which is doing better.

Here is the other campaign setup within ZeroPark:

  • Set the Frequency Rate to 24 hours.
  • Started the CPC at what ZeroPark suggested: .04 cents
  • We st a daily budget of $50
  • Category on ZeroPark was Nutra and Diet
  • Utilized a pre lander prior to the Offer

So that is the basic setup of the campaign. We will be tracking all the sources and targets from ZeroPark in Voluum. So we will see which one is a better fit.

Wait for the next update with stat soon. If you have any questions make sure to ask in our slack community, I am here to answer them for you.