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I love online marketing and I love talking about it. It definitely is a passion of mine. Let create new conversations together!

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Need Help with Paid Traffic? 

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3 Quick reason Why to Join

Direct straight to the Point information is what is needed in our online world. Markets change and so does strategies.

I’ve been a part of ADvengers since the first days, and I am amazed by how fast this community has been growing. With hundreds of members, the group is fast-paced, so you don’t have to wait a few days to get feedback or support from fellow marketers. I like the fact that ADvengers Online is a Slack-based community. If Slack is a tool you already use on a daily basis, checking on the group is instant and seamless. From Zeropark’s perspective, ADvengers Online is a great bridge between us and the community, and we’ve already helped out dozens of members.

Bartosz Bielecki, ZeroPark, Head of Marketing

TL;DR Version of Online Marketing and Paid Traffic Strategies

The Only Community that Stays Active During Your Campaigns

Passionate Driven Community about Online Marketing

Online media is noisy. Yesterday's strategies do not work, and new rules are always being implemented. 

How do we stay on top of these?

A consistent flow of information is the answer. Forums and Social groups has a lot of information, but most the time searching for answers results in bad information.

ADvengers want to solve that issue bu simply creating a chat that allows for constant flow of information.

I am already part of a Forum, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups! Why Slack?

Slack allows the proper aggregation of conversation in a seamless flow of information. A structured conversation of strategies to make sure you get the right media buying strategies.  

Organized Content

Step 1

The content is so spread out. Expertise levels are different. Conversations can't be carried from one platform to another. Importantly, it lacks authenticity.  

New Marketing Tactics

Step 1

Searching for content is awesome. Sometimes the feedback or strategy is already out of date. Marketing is forever evolving. ADvengers make sure you are updated.  

Never Overlapping

Step 3

Confusion in the conversation might lead a strategy for Google when it was really meant for Facebook. We separate these into channels. So a topic about Push will always be about Push.  

True Consolidation

Step 4

Similar to how forums organize specific content. This way there is a focus on conversation on a specific topic. No more going from Facebook group to Telegram Groups.  

Members Love the Real-Time Feedback From Our Slack Community.

Feel Good Hemp

Having been out of the advertising space for so long, ADvengers was a great way to catch up on traffic strategies and be in direct connection to Ian to learn a few new ad traffic sources and landing page tactics for our newly released products.

Noah Hammond Tyrrel

CBD Owner

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ADvengers is an awesome group of marketers that all want to share their experiences. Great place to meet some friends from all over. Will be great to see these guys at the conferences. Can’t wait to keep learning from this group!

Kris Trujillo

Software Owner


ADvengers is one of my favorite live chats in the Industry. Great people, Ian is always there to help and redirect questions to the right person and everyone is super knowledgeable. I asked all our top affiliates to join - especially since there is always room to grow and learn from other super affiliates.

Anna Gita

Network Owner

What You'll Learn With the ADvengers Family

At the core, this is a community of online marketers that want to better themselves while also giving feedback to those that need help with their online media buys.

Deep Traffic Conversations

Secret #1

When we talk about traffic, the community fall in the conversations because we love to analyze traffic. 

Live Community Case Studies

Secret #2

Case studies by community votes. This allows for full integrated conversations while learning how to media buy.

'LoopHole' Tactics and Strategies

Secret #3

Marketing is always changing, how to by-pass certain procedures and still get the right amount of traffic to your page.

One Price, One Community

Forums and Masterminds charge $99/month, some 10X that. I want to have a community that is accessible to instant information while being affordable for everyone so I made it as cheap as possible.


ADvengers is a friendly community for affiliates to talk all things industry-related. I like how it’s easy to access in my usual Slack app and has the same communication flow I’m used to already. Worth checking out if you are an affiliate!

Manu Cinca

Owner of Stacked Marketer


It's hard to find active performance marketing community these days. Somewhere you can find members who are getting things done and are running campaigns. ADvengers is one of those communities and is my goto place for learning strategies which help you make money!

KJ Rocker

Affiliate Blogger at KJRocker.com

Get Together With Like Minded Online Marketers

They say you are who you are with. Our slack community will make sure you are among the best in the online media space.


10 Current Traffic Source Channels

There are so many traffic sources that rise and fall everyday. Everyone has their expertise and share their pitfalls while helping you succeed.


Find Out Which Device Converts Better

Just like Amazon, data allows you to optimize your campaigns base on the user experience and gives you a potential demographic of the user.


Having Trouble with LP Ideas?

The ADvengers community will help critique your offer pages and help you make sure your pages are optimizes for conversions.


Always On Conversations

Stay in touch with everyone and the conversation. Make sure you stay updated with the latest discussions bu downloading the desktop and mobile app.

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