While everyone is being quarantined and I am still pushing affiliate offers, I think this is a good time to discuss what offers to promote. There is a lot of data out there that can help us determine what to promote.

For example, Wordtream has published several data points about how COVID-19 is affecting businesses and the markets.

These data points are worth analyzing for your business especially if you are online. Now there is a huge break down by trackers and ad networks as well but before I break those down, have a listen to what KJ Rocker has to say about what offers to promote during this pandemic.

I was surprised myself to see what he had to say as well.

While you are letting the video play or listen to it on Spotify, Voluum breaks down some stats from their blog posts about the Coronavirus too. Stating that the shift of eCommerce has dwindled because of the supply chain disruption.

The more important aspect to understand is that people are staying home and are online. Even broadband and streaming services have throttled their bandwidth to deal with such issues.

One very interesting topic to see is organic searches taking a dive in certain verticals. Here is a graph from Neil’s Patel Blog..

It is very interesting to see organic searches being affected as well. Now the question comes to what to push and what to promote?

Propeller Ads did a great breakdown of what is happening and what they are seeing on their end. While ad CPC seems to drop, it brings in an opportunity for others to buy in cheap and generate some revenue.

For example, with our Nutra campaign, we are doing with the community. It has not been performing so we have shited to other offers to try to take advantage of this #stayathome movement.

Propeller is showing some stats that other verticals are stable such as..

  • Sweeps – I don’t think these offers ever die.
  • Anything in Finance (Crypto, Betting, etc)
  • App Installs
  • Gaming – I def thought this was going to explode
  • Streaming Apps

One vertical that I didn’t think would go down is dating. This is just just one traffic source stats that does not mean it is relevant to every other source. If everyone aggregated their data then it could be a possibility we can see the proper averages among all.

Who would do that…

In any case, it is worth testing out traffic and new offers out there. The best part of being an affiliate is that we can shift. We do not have inventory, no customers, no breakage in the supply chain, and if a pandemic tore a niche down, we can easily shift.

This is why we have the slack chat community to make sure we stay on top of trends via real-time chats.