Here is an update on the community-driven affiliate campaign. There has been a lot of changes, to optimize the campaign. I will break them down in this post and let you know what I did.

There are some surprising numbers here to look at. Read the conversation in the Slack Group here.

First what I did was to start blocking bad targets and sources within ZeroPark. I have set up a basic rule within their platform to make sure to block non-performing targets and sources.

ZeroPark recommended me these 3 rules to start with. Take a look below. Let me know what to change in the slack chat.

Enlarge Image

With ZeroPark optimization rules being setup, I have downloaded the reports from Voluum and put them in the Affiliate Slack Chat. I have made the report public, so everyone can view it and let me know what they see.

Here are the rules that I have figured to be good on pausing targets and sources:

  • Sources that do not have an aggregate LP CTR of 7%
  • Targets if there are no clicks after $1.50 spend
  • Targets if there is NO ad CTR of at least .2%
  • Turned off early morning hours
  • Creative less than 1% CTR

In ZeroPark, sources are the publishers that own the websites (targets). Meaning each domain is a target and the owner of that is the source. This is how ZeroPark categories its publishers.

Now with the landing page adjustment, I will probably turn off-targets that do not produce at least a 20% LP CTR. I m still thinking about it.

I have also started utilizing theOptimizer to help with pausing targets and sources. The reason is that I am promoting this in the EST time zone and since I am in Asia, I am usually in bed when the ad is running.

Talking about creativity, I have added the next 2 winning creative base on the survey you have taken. So the next 2 creatives are actually performing much better than the original 2. Interesting to see this difference.

Here are the 2 new creatives that are added to the campaign.

You can see the stats here in the affiliate chat. It was interesting to see that the better performing creatives were the 2 new ones. Now let us look at the full campaign set up in Voluum.

I added a Monetizer smartlink to optimize back buttons but then I saw an offer that I thought might be worth testing, so I added it in the flow, just for back button clicks.

Here is a snapshot of the campaign path flow in Voluum.

Enlarge Image

In the beginning, I was just utilizing 1 landing page. I then found new ones on a push spy tool I am subscribed to and found several ones to test. I cleaned the code, uploaded and added it to the flow.

You can see below that LP 5 outperformed all the landing pages! I was surprised because I personally didn’t think it would do that well when I saw it on the spy tool. Overall landing page 5 did a 34% LP CTR!

Enlarge Image

I turned off one landing page and I am now redirecting it to 2 landing pages instead of 3. I also saw that LP 2 was performing decently not as great as 34% but it was getting clicks. I decided to then change the campaign flow in Voluum by redirecting part of the ad clicks to the trial offer and see if that would work.

Even right now I want to turn off all the other LP because the other LP is getting such a higher CTR but since I also decreased the bid to spread the clicks over the day, the CTR probably will change.

I am waiting for data on that currently.

Here some other things I have done to the campaign within ZeroPark:

  • Turned off InApp Push
  • Changed the campaign to Mobile from Desktop (a report is in the affiliate chat)
  • Decreased bids to .21 cents.
  • WIn ratio dropped from 24% to 6%
  • Turned off more hours in the day
  • Targeted Windows Desktop with Chrome and Firefox
  • Target Mobile Android Phone and Tablet on a Specific Android OS (see report)

I am hoping that turning off the InApp push will see better results and decreasing the spend to .21 cents should help us spread the ads more over the day. This is what I am thinking while trying to make this offer convert.

What do you think I should be doing or have done? Let me know in the slack affiliate chat.