When buying traffic you want to always pre-qualify the user. This is the reason why you should always use a landing page. In this post, I am going to share with you some states about a popular vertical, Dating.

Most dating websites have their own dating landers as they too want to pre-qualify signups. These advertisers want to reassure the click after they came from your lander.

With dating, your affiliate landing page should be pretty quick and straight to the point. This is the reason why dating advertisers have their own pre-qualifier after your lander.

Also, some dating offers are pretty aggressive on their landing pages. Most ad networks will not accept aggressively adult landers.

So I have tested 3 simple straight forward styles below and I will break down my thought process into each and where you can create these landing pages as well.

The 3 style landing pages for dating we have tested are:

  • Survey Style Lander
  • Chat Box landing page
  • Direct Alert Box lander

We are going to talk about the engagement of these landing pages. This is the important factor here as we want the user to click through to the offer in hopes to convert into an affiliate commission.

Typical Survey Style Lander

  • 4 Questions Before Call to Action
  • Blurred Image
  • Simple Request to Chat with NAME

This lander only performed 40% LP CTR. This is still a high landing page click-through rate. I would have accepted this LP CTR at any time. Comparing it to the others though it is pretty low.

Usually, survey landers do well because of the action intent already committed to participating in the survey which can lead to the sign-up or lead conversion.

I got this lander from Afflift Forum (download here). It did roughly the same numbers as it did with Luke traffic, 43.5%. I adjusted my survey lander a bit. Making it cleaner and added one more question in the flow.

This would do better than the chat-style landing page. Just because of the continuous action flow. This also had the dating offer name on the 3rd question. I want to make sure they see the name before going to the offer, this pre-qualifies the lead even more.

After the user clicks through it goes through a process where it ‘pretend’ to contact the person they want to chat with. It confirms they have been alerted and they need to continue to start the conversation.

The other 60% means they could be shy or probably never interacted. If they do not interact with the survey it redirects the user to an affiliate smart link system. I have set a timer on the lander to redirect if there is no interaction.

I do not count the smart link as part of the LP CTR. It really does not count because the end-user does not interact with the page or are not interested. I do count it as part of the campaign tracker thought.

Now, these next 2 landers got over 70% LP CTR!


Simple Chat Style Lander

  • Conversation starts with 3 messages
  • 4th message is a Call to Action
  • User can not send a message
  • Images are also blurred

This lander performed 75.38% LP CTR, I was amazed. This lander is from AffLift as well, (download here) and Luke himself showed his stats and it did fairly well at 59.87% with a 3.18% conversion.

There was more interaction on this page just because I changed the context of the chat. I made it more ‘slang’ chatter. I think it is more relatable to the end-user.

One strategy I used here is to pretend to send them pictures from Instagram, in which the images are blurred. I then respond stating this app is outside of the dating website and will not allow sending the images.

That is when the CTA appears, asking them to sign up to see the pictures from Instagram. This brings in a goal for the end-user, which brings curiosity, which brings interest, and hopefully intends for the end-user to sign up.

I also have a timer on this landing page to make sure that if there is no interaction it goes to a smart link system. I also added a 2-minute timer when the CTA showed up as well. Giving a bit of scarcity.

Alert Style Landing Page

  • 1 Single Action, Yes or No
  • Cancel Redirects to a SmartLink
  • User Image is Blurred

This LP CTR is at 79.37%! Damn, this is a straight to the point style landing page. There is just one action to accept or deny.

This style lander is usually used for app installs. While doing some ad spying, I looked at it and decided I can turn this into a dating alert box and that is what I did.

The denied or cancel button does go to an affiliate smart link. I do not count the smart link clicks as part of the LP CTR because there is no interest in the offer given.

So I do not count it, even with that said, this LP received 79% LP CTR to accept a chat from a person. It looks and. feels like an alert they are receiving. This shows that users are more familiar with something they see on a daily basis like an alert that resembles a real message.

The main body shows the ‘alert’ message and where it came from. I do add in the name of the offer in the alert box to show where the ‘alert’ is from. I want to make sure that the end-user knows what is coming next.

With a direct affiliate landing page like this, you need to be informative to make sure you are filtering users the best way possible This makes sure that you will have the best chance of a conversion.

Conclusion on Dating Landing Pages

Test, you probably have heard this multiple times. It is important to test multiple variations of an affiliate landing page. You never know what works with your audience. Just because you see one does not mean your traffic will convert on it. It might be already saturated for example.

Even with the alert style landing page, which is usually used for app installs, I used my mind to think differently and see how I can somewhat differentiate the engagement the user gets.

This is why I love affiliate marketing!

I created these landing pages on SubscribeFunnels. An easy way to create landing pages and funnels. If you are technical then it might be best to create the landing page on Vultr, I show you how to set it up here.

SubscribeFunnels has made it easier for me to just upload the template from a spy tool and edit the context needed. They remove the technical part of creating a landing page.

If you can interact with WordPress, the backend of SubscribeFunnels is pretty straight forward as well. This allows you to just focus on the content and the ad copy in itself.

In the end, the affiliate landing page needs to prequalify the click before the affiliate offer and/or your product. You want to set the intention for the end-user.